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Street Dance, Bokwa, Zumba and Glee Classes in Bradford

ND Dance Academy are the leading dance school in Bradford, West Yorkshire for street dance, Zumba, Bokwa and Glee classes which are provided for students of all abilities and ages.

The company has dedicated their expertise to providing a professional level dance educational academy for children and adults alike, delivering their classes in a fun and exciting environment while focusing on the fundamentals required to be able to deliver the highest level of dance tuition available.

Our mission to offer the best dance tuition in the most popular genres of dance means that not only do we pride ourselves on the standard of dance tuition that we offer, with regular courses undertaken in order to broaden our catalogue of dance classes but we offer these classes at the cheapest price in West Yorkshire!

Whether you have a child that is looking to step into street dance classes, you are looking to join the party with a trip to Zumba classes or you want to sweat the digits and dance the alphabet in the latest Bokwa Class craze, we have all the tuition that you need!

Unlike many dance academies in the Bradford and West Yorkshire area, we don't put students through exams and stressful situations, instead we draw on our professional and specialised experience to be able to give you the fun and excitement that you should have whenever you dance.